Are your pens really made in the U.S.?

YES!! Pen Company of America is a USA-made company—the molding, assembly, decoration, and packaging are all completed in the U.S.

What type of writing instruments does Pen Company of America offer?

Products that keep us on the cutting edge of new concepts in writing instruments include:

  • Office supplies and promotional items. Our USA-manufactured office supplies include a full line of pens, pencils, carpenter pencils, and markers.
  • RevMark® industrial markers. Our Quickdraw Markers feature a patented reverse holster cap, industrial tip, and long-lasting performance, making them the preferred choice of construction sites, contractors, unions, and tradespeople.
  • Our Pencil Heroes™, #2 pencils with working eraser capes, have a full line of first responder heroes and are perfect for outreach programs between our local heroes and our children.
  • Face shields. As part of our “Giving Back” initiative, we re-purposed part of our New Jersey factory to make face shields during COVID-19. We supplied over 2 million face shields initially, and shipped over 100,000 per week to some of the largest hospital systems in New Jersey, as well as private businesses up and down the East Coast.

What should I know about your business?

Pen Company of America is extremely successful when we collaborate with companies on their specific project needs. We work with businesses of all sizes, from mom-and-pop shops to major sports leagues. Our partners are always pleasantly surprised to find out how competitive we are against imports, and how well we can help them professionally represent their brand.