Pen Company of America is committed to manufacturing in the United  States with a focus on sustainability.  We look for ongoing ways in which to minimize our impact on the environment both in terms of our  manufacturing processes and general operations. Annually we will discuss our progress towards current goals and set new initiatives for the  upcoming year. We have taken the following initiatives as an organization:

HR Policies

  • Require all employees to recycle paper, plastic and bottles in the company provided recycling bins. This items are taken to local recycling centers.
  • Require employees to power down computers, laptops and other office equipment, as well as turn off all lights, when leaving the office.

Office Initiatives

  • Use 30% recycled printer/copier paper.
  • Place all used paper trash in the proper recycling bin to be sent to the local recycling center.

Factory Initiatives

  • Recycle all used corrugated at the local recycling center.
  • Utilize a third party to properly handle and dispose of the waste oil generated from our equipment.
  • Utilize a closed loop water system on all our molding equipment. This system self-recycles the water we use to cool our equipment, only adding supplemental new water when needed. By using this system no water from our equipment is introduced back into the public water system. This system is monitored by a third party.