Pen Company of America is committed to supporting the local community where we have grown as a business since the inception of Rotary Pen in the 1950’s.  With a diverse workforce and surrounding community, it is important as a company for us to embrace that diversity through the various programs we sponsor.  


 Barack Obama Green Charter High School, Plainfield, NJ – With its mission to prepare its students to aspire to be tomorrow’s leaders with a focus on environmental sustainability, PCA supports this school’s performing arts program through donations.  This program inspires future artists to work together on productions that leave “the most minimal carbon footprint while staying true to their artistic visions.”


 Make a Wish Foundation 5K Run – Through the sponsorship of a PCA employee led team, we look to assist in making terminally ill children’s dreams come true.


Iglesia Cristiana Johava Nisi – This church, run by a former Rotary Pen employee, is located in Elizabeth, NJ, where many of our current employees call home.  With an annual donation of ballpoint pens, this church sends our product to impoverished regions of Central America where rural schools need assistance with the most basic of school supplies.


Operation Gratitude –  Every year PCA donates pens and markers to Operation Gratitude.  Our products are placed inside a holiday care package sent to our troops throughout the world.