RevMark™ on Lira Motorsports Car


Lira Motorsports Car Pit Crew using RevMark™

The RevMark™ Permanent Marker is a newly patented all purpose, permanent marker designed to make your life easier.  The RevMark design not only allows you to attach the marker to your tool belt or uniform pants but also remove and replace your marker into the cap with one hand, keeping the other hand free.  No more putting the marker cap in your mouth to take the cap off and marking your face while trying to get it back on.  No more taking off the cap, dropping it and losing it.  Not more putting down your project to grab your marker or remove the cap.  In terms of efficiency, think of how much easier marking your projects will become if you only need one hand to do it…  Click below for a short introduction to the Revmark

RevMark Permanent Marker Video


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